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PowerPoint Design, done when you need it.2024-04-29T12:44:13-05:00

PowerPoint Design, done when you need it.

Reliable. Easily add your projects to our calendar anytime.

Design delivered 24-48 hours before you hit send or present.

Every PowerPoint slide is editable.

Unlimited batched revisions.

“I love working with slidedesignr because they bring my words and content to LIFE. It’s like I had a vision in my head that I didn’t know how to translate outside of my head, and she took the seeds and planted it into a beautiful garden that I can share with others and most importantly, can impact others the way that I want it to and in a way that words alone wouldn’t have been able to. I always know I will get a great product from slidedesignr.”

Senior Product Manager

Fortune 500 Medical Device Company

Slidedesignr before slide redesignSlidedesignr after slide redesign
Actual Client SlideFinal Editable Slide

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  • Reliable. Easily add your projects to our calendar anytime.
  • Every PowerPoint Slide is editable
  • Stock photo licenses included
  • You’ve created PowerPoint slides that need to be better.

  • Add your project to our Slidedesignr Calendar.

  • VisualWriting, Vashte’s proven process for communicating visually with high-level audiences, makes it crystal clear.

  • We’ll create the strong visual design Slidedesignr is known for to provide clarity, illustrate, visually support and elevate your slides.

  • Need a PowerPoint Template? Just add it on.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my finished PowerPoint slides?2024-04-26T15:00:36-05:00

We’ll get started once we onboard you through our quick administrative process. We’ll work backwards from your deadline to build out a calendar with milestones and check-in dates so you have plenty of opportunities to see slides in progress, discuss, and provide feedback. As long as revision cycles are maintained, you’ll get the deck 24-48 hours before you need to hit send to your client.

How will I get drafts?2024-04-26T14:59:41-05:00

Drafts are shared via Dropbox in PDF format watermarked DRAFT.

What if I need revisions made?2024-04-26T14:59:48-05:00

Consolidate everyone’s feedback, and pop it into Dropbox. After a draft is sent, please deliver feedback within 1-2 business days to keep our timeline on track.

What do you need from me?2024-04-26T14:59:54-05:00

We’ll give you clear guidelines on what’s needed from you and when, typically supporting data, images, quotes, and other info.

Will the PowerPoint slides be editable?2024-04-26T15:00:03-05:00

Yup! Fully editable. We’ll send or upload the final deliverable to you with all custom shapes, graphics, charts, and graphs with linked data files.

What program do you design slides in?2024-04-26T15:01:59-05:00

Slides are designed in PowerPoint.

What happens after I get my PowerPoint slides?2024-04-26T15:00:10-05:00

You’ll get a full 2 weeks of support after final delivery for anything else you might need adjusted, and for any questions you or your client might have.

Are there any refunds?2024-04-29T09:33:29-05:00

Due to the quality of Slidedesignr’s work and the digital nature of our products and services, we do not offer any refunds or returns for any reason.

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Consumer Insights Loves Slidedesignr.

“We’re looking for a great aesthetic and smart communication of concepts that are typically part of the research discussion. I wanted to make sure it was somebody who was able to not only give aesthetically, but also be able to understand our language; someone who is able to speak multiple languages, so the language of design, but at the same time the language of research. That’s a hard-to-find combination.”


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