Slidedesignr Reviews

Clients share their experiences working with Slidedesignr to take their deliverables to the next level.

Slidedesignr was able to get our branding really quickly, and that was really critical for us, because we definitely had a specific look in mind.
I can talk to them about a conceptual vision that I have, and they would bring it to life really nicely, more than other designers, who don’t necessarily understand the content. What I’m really looking for is the ability to provide visualization that brings about a deeper understanding of the content that is greater than the sum of its parts.

They made it easy, and brought my vision to life in a way that I was very proud to provide to my client.
A lot of talented designers don’t want to work in PowerPoint. And whether anyone likes it or not, that is the way business communicates. The fact is, Vashte was my business person on top of everything else.

And, she’s got that kind of magnetic personality to boot. We got the chance to spend some more time with her and it was really very good. She’s really got a depth of personality that I certainly don’t find in most people.

Slidedesignr would be great for anyone who needs visualization of their ideas. Print work, really any kind of graphic design—I wouldn’t hesitate.
So I think any kind of creative content or concept to visualization work, they will be fantastic at.

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Senior VP Top Research & Strategy Company

Thank you for all your amazing work on The Book. We've officially sent it to printing, and have gotten some test copies back—it looks awesome! We couldn't have done it without your help and beautification—so THANK YOU! You transformed the docs from dull PowerPoint slides to a highly desired reference book/ coffee table book.

Photo by Mason Jones
Advanced Product Planning Manager Fortune Global 100 Automotive Company

This is fun for me—I have never worked with a slide designer before. I love the way it really elevates the deck.

Product Manager Medical Device Company

It’s easy to find graphic designer who can create slides. That’s really easy. There are hundreds of them.

What’s hard is to find a designer who has expertise in business, and that’s their niche.
You know people will say, “why don’t you use our designers?” and I’ll say “because they don’t have the sensitivity and the expertise to understand how to depict complex statistical data analytics, or customer insights on certain information well.” Slidedesignr gets it.

Most companies do have a visual designer, now oftentimes there are people who are specifically hired to do that role or there are people who just like it and get good at it, just by being on the job. Those companies have standard templates. That’s what most companies deliver and they all look the same—and it’s unfortunate.

We do all kinds of research, from customer research, understanding the market place, understanding product design & development, qual & quant, survey-based. So you’re asking a bunch of questions and quantifying that result, and you need to illustrate those results. And you don’t want to use the same questions over and over again with a bar graph or pie chart, you want to visualize them. You want these insights to come alive. And that’s what Slidedesignr does; with iconography, different palettes, different design textures to really visualize and help an audience really understand and help a presenter present these ideas really impactfully.

I think they're amazing
; they observe the problem, schedule immediately, sketch immediately, and sometimes send a few sketches to get a sense if that is the right direction. I like the way that Vashte checks in, I like the fact that they can work very, very quickly. I think their work is very exemplary. I love the fact that every item is editable--that’s just unbelievable to me.

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Managing Director Top Research & Strategy Company